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  • Kyle Springer

    Hello Juliano!

    At this time, there is no option to copy/paste content with minor changes between each in the manual Locations Section content entry in the CMS.

    This content entry is possible in our Pro apps using the Mobile Roadie API: which allows you or a third party Developement Team to utilize the Locations Section content ‘create’ API method: to mass upload locations in greater bulk. The information which is the same accross each piece of content could be hard coded in to the PHP code. The unique information for each location could then be filled in using PHP variables and a simple form where these items could be enterd or filled in.

    Filling out the form would add the unique information to the shared information amongst all locations to the Mobile Roadie backend and create the Location section content as if you ahd signed in to the CMS and manually entered it.

    If you have a website or online server with this location information, you can also setup code on your end to autoamtically pull in and transfer this location information to your Mobile Roadie app using the ‘create’ Locations content creation API method and PHP variables. This could allow new locations added to the website/server to autoatmically be pulled in to your Mobile Roadie app without needing to upload each new location on the server/website and inside your Mobile Roadie App.

    *Note* Due to the advanced nature and nearly infinite ways of setting up this content transfer via API, the support for this content entry and API/PHP coding is limited to the exact code at the bottom of the KB document pages (such as the Locations section ‘create’ API method: Any coding changes or setups in addition to this example would need to be handled on your end. If you are unfamiliar with API/PHP code, we recommend you work with a third party Development Service!


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